What’s the next big trend in fast development?

Well a developer in Melbourne is proving out that it might just be Django which is built on Python.  We at Linuxinstall.net are big fans of both technologies.  They are extremely empowering espeically for those less developer focused on administration teams.  The interview here though talks about how he came to choose it and links to several example sites and the several of the projects discussed.  Check it out here.

What to think about when you choose a hosting provider….

So Friday night the worst thing for anyone running a website happened to us and a large number of other sites at our hosting company.   We were knocked off the internet.  The scary thing was that the only reason I knew about it was because I was trying to get my stats fix and couldn’t login.  Figuring I just hit a maintenance window, I went to Twitter to see if they had posted about it.  I quickly realized that my favorite hosting company must have upset someone because they were fighting off a Distributed Denial of Service attack(DDOS).  They were doing everything I know they should be doing which started with telling everyone on Twitter what was gong on.(I didn’t look to see if they put anything up anywhere else but I am sure they did.)  They told us when they started working with their Primary ISP and when that same ISP managed to block the attack.  From beginning to end the event seemed to last about 4 hours in total with the worst of it happening in the first 2-3 hours.

DDOS attacks are by far the toughest thing to defend against.  They are virtually impossible to prevent because they tend to use what looks like harmless normal requests.  So until you can tell where in the network it’s coming from and what it looks like you can’t possibly know to block it.

There were several customers that were just totally upset with them.  It felt to me when reading their responses that they both didn’t understand what was happening and what the level of effort it was taking to getting us all back online. So here are some things to remember when you are choosing a hosting company:

  1. No one is perfect.  So don’t expect your host to be.
  2. You get what you pay for.  Low prices generally mean lower quality of service.
  3. You can never pay enough to get 100% up time. It’s a myth and completely unachievable. So read reviews from real users and not just the ones the host puts up.
  4. Look for hosts that understand good customer service and are good at communicating.
  5. Support and communications count when you are experiencing a problem.

 When DDOS attacks are involved the best you can hope for from the host is good communications, quick response, and quick escalation to their upstream providers.  Squarespace hit on all cylinders on Friday.  Congratulations to them for proving why I choose them, continue to promote them, and look forward to paying my bill.

We don’t need no stinking expensive IDE Solutions….

I came across an article over on the Gaurdian talking about the real lack of need to the larger more established solutions.  When you start developing on Linux or FreeBSD the points in the article ring even clearer.  Even if you are developing Java applications whether you should use the free eclipse solution or a packaged eclipse solution like IBM’s RSA or RAD or the much cheaper MyEclipse‘s cheaper but still costing solution.  If you want to save your company money take just a little bit of time and something to develop and look at the many free and open source options available.

Episode 13 – Linuxinstall.net Podcast – Chrome OS, More on Wave and Web Development environments

Episode running time: 0:52:31  Click here to get to the podcast

1) Introduction

We talked about our latest impressions of Google Wave which we used to create and edit How to setup Web Development Environments

The link we talked about to in our Wave discussion:


Brian and Bill tried out Chrome OS and we talk about our impressions and where we see it getting used.(The Quick Review found here)

2) News

10 Lessons Google needs to learn about being an OS company


Linux Consultants are like Matag repair people…


3) Web Dev Environments

Heard several different comments on Linked in that we didn’t give any real examples.  In our discussion we talk in depth about the what and why of the points we put into the article.  Let us know what you think should be in a development environment.

4) Conclusion

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How do you do web development correctly?

I support web development for a living and here are my thoughts about what you need to do it right.  After almost 15 years of supporting pesky developers I have learned a few things.  In this article I try to help you understand what you should plan to have and do.  Check out and participate in our discussion about the proper setup of web development environments.  Let us know how whether or not you agree with our thoughts in this post.  The story is right here.