SuSE is partnering with everyone they can…

While Red Hat announced that they are the first $1 Billion Open Source Company Suse is trying to partner with everyone who wants to.  This article points out that they have now partnered with 9,200 Software partners and 13,500 hardware partners. So when it comes to supporting your favorite hardware SuSE should be the best.  While they are the number two Enterprise Distro they are so close support wise that they are an excellent choice for any size company.  Don’t forget that a free license comes with VMWare and other software. 

Episode 65 – We want some Pi and Cotton Candy..

Running Time:
1) Introduction giving away accounts not at the normal 5GB size but at 50GB of storage for life, theirs not yours, for new android app users until March 23, 2012.  Someone figured out how to use that space as a mount point/drive on your machine.  It’s a pretty cool way to get some cloud storage.

2) News
SLES 11 SP2 is out and what are they doing now?  Why is Linus so made at them?
The Consumerization of IT
What really happened with OpenStack and Microsoft?
Canonical’s Ticking Time Clock
Wags really wants a Raspberry PI or 10

3) Conclusion

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SLES 11 SP2 is out and Linus hates how secure it is…

SUSE announced that they are making big changes with this SP.  In the past they have only done minor changes and updates.  This time the changes are a little bigger than normal.  They are updating the Kernel to version 3 and adding BRTFS.  This is a big change in the way they are doing business.  For all the details check out this article.

Just as they announced this Linux Torvalds took a few shots at them about their, in his opinion, over bearing security.  We have to agree that some areas like requireing root to change the timezone.  If you want to see some more of his comments check out htis link.

Episode 55 – Joe can’t drive 55…

SuSE joins OpenStack and promises production ready….

While we missed it Suse has joined the OpenStack grouping of companies.  They are one of 125 companies that have committed to the open source cloud solution.  Now they are saying they will have a production ready solution in spring 2012.  So what does that mean?  Well they will be offering a fully supported setup for this new open source product.  Now what about Ubuntu’s offering?  While Ubuntu will beat Suse to Market by releasing a solution this fall Suse isn’t sure that OpenStack will meet it’s production ready standards that soon.  Suse has a demo of the BETA version of the soltuion available over at the Suse Gallery Site.

Episode 32 – Feed Back and VMWare will buy Linux…

Found here

Running Time: 0:33:22

1) Introduction

Feed Back on the last podcast and the post.

 2) News

Mandriva Dieing Another Story about Mandriva
Oracle is compiling their own kernel and claims it’s really fast
VMWare may be buying at least Suse Linux from Novell

Check out this article for more information
A decenting opinion from Infoworld

General reports of the events fromthe Inquirer,Computer World, and Barrons

3) Conclusion

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Novell could be sold….

Let the bidding war begin.  The offer today by Elliot Associates, LP will most likely not be the last we will see before a deal is made.  The best report I have seen of the story is the one on the Var Guy Website.  He has some great information here and because of the late breaking story hadn’t hit the stock yet.  The offer was a dollar over today’s closing price.  This is far from a done deal and the Var Guy does a pretty good run down of what I agree are the top partial players if a bidding war were to start.  Unlike other sectors of our economy in the US the Tech Companies/Sector is still flush with cash.  Most of the major players did the right thing and reduced staff and spending which has preserved their capital in the bank.  With Suse being the Number 2 Corporate Linux player it would probably be great fit for a company like HP, Computer Associates, or Oracle.  My top bet is Oracle or Computer Associates.  No matter what it will be interesting to watch and until we know who wins it’s going to be hard to say what it means for Suse.