Good things to remember when hiring consultants…. has an interesting little story with some great steps you should use whenever you engage a consultant.  The author using a forest fire analogy to make his points  about how you should protect yourself and your company from what I would call “Brain Drain”.  When you hire a consultant you should also make sure part of your contract includes documentation and training.  When I was consulting I always tried to get customers to understand and where possible actually be able to fix the problems they encountered.  While not every problem or solution should be attempted by a novice user of any OS there are plenty of situations where this is an option.  If you don’t put it in the contract you will never become familiar with any troubleshooting or solutions leaving you tied to the Consultant to update the server or fixing the problem in the future.

Linux Care is back from the dead…Sort of…

Computer World has a report about the companies return and some comments from the founder who is trying to bring it back.  The company is taking a difference stance this time.  Instead of trying to be support everyone everywhere this time they are going to focus on supporting cloud computing solutions.  Like Cloud Computing the model they are using this time around is purchasing only the services you need.  They will offering support from single incident support to complete begining to end development solution.  I couldn’t find any fee sheets so you will have to contact them through their website for the details.

Marketing the Ubuntu OS in the US

If your business is looking for someone who can install and support a customized Linux package then eWeek may have an article you will want to read.   eWeek has posted a story about The Linux Box which has just announced a partnership with Canonical.  This partnership will give The Linux Box the opportunity to market the Ubuntu operating system in the US.

Check out the article here.