45 TB Linux based NAS

Start your year off with some awesome 45 TB Linux based NAS System.  The Synology DiskStation 5-Bay (Diskless) Scalable Network Attached Storage DS1511+ allows you to get to 45 TB by adding additional cabinets.  Help Net Security has a cool post about this new Linux Based NAS.  If you need lots of storage for all those orders you are getting on your E-Commerce site this sounds like a choice you should be evaluating.  The system starts at $900 and go up from there as you add more storage cases and disks.  

IBM Unveils Clustered NAS Storage using Open Source Tech…

In IBM’s tradition of using, packaging and promoting Open Source this week I came across an article on the Enterprise Storage Forum about their latest version of the Scale Out Network Attached Storage architecture.    The system can handle a large number of files and disk space.  From the Article, “IBM said its new Scale Out Network Attached Storage (SONAS) offering can scale both capacity and performance while providing parallel access to data and a global name space that can manage billions of files and up to 14.4 petabytes of capacity.” 

Later on in the article they describe the technology which includes Samba and Linux.  IBM repackages, develops patches for and promotes a considerable number of Open Source packages like the Apache Web Server(IHS).   They also dedicate a considerable amount of development resources to various other packages.  Nice to see them keeping up the support and promotion.