Care and feeding of Databases on Linux is important…

In this article over at Database Journal they explain how to de-fragment your mysql database.  If you are like me you don’t normally think about anything but file systems getting fragmented.  It seems from this article that for very similar reasons Databases get fragmented and should have the white space in the compressed out just like on a file system.  They same types of performance benifits can also be found when doing this.

Episode 40 – Puppet Master Interview

Running Time: 00:50:32
1) Introduction
Can you believe we have managed to keep this up for 40 episodes?

2) News
Virtual Box 4.0 is release cool early review
Fedora Project Hacked
Turnkey Linux takes it to 11 with Ubuntu 10.4 LTS

3) Topic of the night… Puppet RULES!!!
We wrote up a review and introduction of Puppet
Then we got to interview Luke Kanies the Founder and Puppet Master at Puppet Labs. (Check out another interview of Luke with Leo and Randall on FLOSS Weekly did back in November 2009)

4) Conclusion
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