Ubuntu backs off dumping Oracles Version of Java…

In a not to surprising move Canonical has backed off it’s earlier stance to drop the Oracle version of Java from it’s distrobution Ubuntu.  They were attempting to do the free and opensource thing and use OpenJDK instead.  The problem with that is that not all of the Java Application servers support it let alone small Java apps. The differences aren’t that commonly found but when they are they are extremely hard to trouble shoot.  We are glad to see them choose the practical approach rather than a hard line stance that would have hurt functionality of the platform.

Episode 61 – 2012 begins will this be the end of the world?

It’s Official Apache now controls Open Office..

That’s right it’s finally offical.  The Apache Foundation are now the proud maintainers of OpenOffice.  The question we are asking is whether there are really enough developers to maintain two complete but office suites?  Since the LibreOffice group split off their copy of Open Office they have been strong and viberant.  They have released no les than 4 versions since the split.  OpenOffice by comparison has not had a release since the split.  Only time will tell if the Apache Foundation can revieve what was the strongest competitor to MS Office.  For more details check out the write up here at thevarguy.com.

And another one bites the dust….

KSplice, Inc has agreed to be purchased by Oracle according to a news fact over on Market Watch.  While we at linuxinstall.net aren’t sure that not booting for updates is a great idea the concept was cool.  Since Oracle seems to hate leaving things in the open after they buy them we can only assume that this technology will also be closed up.  Don’t get us wrong we are happy they entered the market to scratch an inch.  They were doing very interesting research and the team at Ksplice, Inc. deserve what ever pay check they recieved.

Is Oracle the fastest linux kernel?

At Oracle World this week they announced the latest benchmarks of Red Hat’s kernel with their updates/changes.  They claim to be 75% faster for Online Transactional Processing over the one built by Red Hat.  If you haven’t heard of this before maybe you have heard of their name for this packaging of Red Hat it is called Oracle Unbreakable Linux.  For more information on this and other happenings at Oracle World check out this link.

Oracle Closing the source of OpenSolaris is such a waste…

Sun Microsystems had spent several years trying to build up a positive relationship with the OpenSource Community and Oracle wiped a good chunk of it away with one simple announcement.  One that in the long run will hurt Oracle and probably kill the Solaris Operating System.  Oracle seems to be missing the point of OpenSource and have been for years.  Larry and his crew want to own and control everything from your OS to your Corporate Finical records.  The problem is once something is in the open like Solaris was/is taking it back will never win you any friends in the Open Source community.  It will likely mean that Solaris will be put out to pasture shortly if not Discontinued all together.

While market share of Solaris has been falling to Linux over the past decade it still had it’s place in the data center.  Sun created large amounts of tweaks to that OS to make it work with their hardware in incredible ways.  What was once the OS that ran the biggest sites on the Net may now be the OS of Oracle.  Forget Larry Linux folks he wants to own and control it all.  What they don’t realize is that the community can fix their problems for free and keep Solaris viable for years to come.  When Sun made the move and actually open sourced it it provided a boost to the dieing OS because now companies new they could at the least get the Source Code and fix their own problems even if Sun failed or stopped supporting it for finical reasons.  If Oracle follows through and does close the source back up what are it’s chances of survival?  With the extremely small number of Solaris customers today compared to 2000 how many more customers will abandon the platform to Linux?  The Linux Community is strong and it’s growing.  The rivalry was really helping both platforms.

Here is one story I found on this topic.

Where will Open Solaris go from here?

So Oracle has started reconfiguring the new merged company.  From several articles we have seen some things will be dropped and other are still holding on.  One of the things that seems to be missing in the discussions so far is Open Solaris.  Given Mr. Ellison’s history is not to let his products into the open source world.  So while leaving Java and mysql are clearly going to stay open, Open Solaris keeps getting missed.  So why does a linux blog care about Open Solaris?  Basicly becuase it allows people to look at and gain insight into how the much older Solaris OS works.  Also Unbreakable Linux is Oracles Linux so whether they are going to drop Linux in favor Open Solaris.  Oracle has to this point stayed commited to Linux as this article points out.

So What do you think they should do?  What should they releasse?  Is there anything else they should opensource?