Episode 37 – Top things that happened in 2010

Running Time:  43:19

1) Introduction

2) This is a running list of things to consider for the top news of 2010

 Big Purchases in 2010:

   Novell get’s purchased – the patents that went to Microsoft

   Oracle buying Sun

   Palm get’s bought by HP

 Changes in the world of Open Source:

   Google World:

    Android shoots for world domination – Or at least Mobile Platform domination

    Google TV announced and delivered

    Chrome OS Pilot Program announced Beta’s of Chrome OS on VM’s

   Ubuntu abandons Xorg and Gnome for Wayland and Unity

   Mandrivia struggling/passing away…

   Tablet Market exploded with the introduction of IPad and Galaxy Tablet

3) Conclusion

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Episode 16 – Microsoft Green Lights Moonlight, Best Buys and others sued over alleged GPL Violations, Predictions for 2010

 Running Time: 43:49 and found here

1) Introduction

2) News

Microsoft approves MoonLight as part of the deal with Novell


Lawsuit against Best buys and other over GPL




3) Predictions for 2010(both things we think will happen and won’t)

An App Store for Linux like there is one for the IPhone and Android Phones

Microsoft will be try to make a serious run at VMWare for the Virtualization Market on XSeries, Red Hat will come from no where and put Microsft into 3rd place behind Xen.

Someone will figure out what to do with Google Wave in an enterprise or just in general.  Wave Federation will take off.

Chrome OS and Android will merge.

This will not be the year of the Linux Desktop.  Linux will continue to gain share in the X86 Server market.  Linux will be the perfered Netbook OS paired with something like Chrome OS.

Linux will not see a major virus in 2010.  Really we don’t think there will be a major issue with Viruses in general in 2010.

4) Conclusion

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Thank You all for listening in 2009.  We have grown faster either Joe, Bill, Jason or I thought we could.  That couldn’t have happened without the listeners passing us along.  We look forward to podcasting for you next year.  Have a safe and happy New Year.

Watch the site for the exact date of our next podcast.(Should be 1/15/2010.)

Episode 13 – Linuxinstall.net Podcast – Chrome OS, More on Wave and Web Development environments

Episode running time: 0:52:31  Click here to get to the podcast

1) Introduction

We talked about our latest impressions of Google Wave which we used to create and edit How to setup Web Development Environments

The link we talked about to in our Wave discussion:


Brian and Bill tried out Chrome OS and we talk about our impressions and where we see it getting used.(The Quick Review found here)

2) News

10 Lessons Google needs to learn about being an OS company


Linux Consultants are like Matag repair people…


3) Web Dev Environments

Heard several different comments on Linked in that we didn’t give any real examples.  In our discussion we talk in depth about the what and why of the points we put into the article.  Let us know what you think should be in a development environment.

4) Conclusion

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Episode 12 – Goggle Wave, Motorola Droid, and Change Management

1) Introduction

We talk about our first impressions of Google Wave

Brian talks about life with his newest toy the Motorola Droid

2) News

How Google uses Linux and Modifies the Kernel…

The EU doesn’t understand how OpenSource works and is slowing if not killing the purchase of Sun by Oracle because of it.

This week also marked the release of Ubuntu 9.10/Karmic Koola  which Brian installed without a single problem.  Really nice job team.  Oh and it boots a lot quicker.

3) Change Management

4) Conclusion

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This episode can be found here and runs 1 hour 13 minutes 9 Seconds.

(Yeah it’s a long one but we talked about Wave and Droid for a good 30 minutes at the beginning  of the show.)