Episode 46 – Life in the Mainstream

Running Time: 22:47

1) Introduction

Joe and Brian Talk about stuff

2) News

When Foss Became Mainstream – North Bridge Venture Partners released a report last week on their survey of FOSS and it’s growth for 2011. The full survey report is here.
Where is the new Novell going? Novell is now a three headed monster.  Some people got displaced and Mono is no longer a focus area.  Suse’s Headquarters is back in Germany.
What’s the top Open Source License?

3) Conclusion

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Has FOSS become mainstream?

The Open Source Bussiness Conference made some big waves last week.  One of the big announcements at the conference was the release of the North Bridge Venture Partners 5th annual Future of FOSS Survey results.  The report has lots of interesting tidbits but what seems to be making a lot of noise is that they draw the conclusion that OpenSourse is now mainstream.  I am sure that most of our readers will already know this.  Linuxinsider.com did a great job at collecting a wide variety of the responses from around the net so check it out.