In case you missed it Ubuntu 10.10 is out….

While it’s great that they keep plugging along and improving Ubuntu we didn’t see a lot of new in this release.  There are plenty of articles about it and it does mean something.  Some of the most interesting items are that Ubunutu seems to be moving towards Amazon’s EC2 Tech as their main Cloud Partner.  Great move for Amazon but I am not sure what the benifit is for Ubuntu.  The new release still boots amazingly fast and has replaced FSpot with Shotwell.  There are also some enhancements to the Netbook remix and a good set of general updates to the major pacakges like GNOME.  It was all released to day at 10:10:10 this morning.

Episode 27 – What is the Best Linux Distro?

1) Introduction

2) News

3) Topic of the Night:
What is the best Distro for the Enterprise?

4) Conclusion

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