The Linuxinstall.net podcast is going on-hold.  For more details click on the article….

Debian Switching to Gnome
Brian is running RDO from RedHat their easy installer for OpenStack

Walt and Brian talk about Building Code and building a new firewall.

We talk about burning up PogoPlugs, Issues with Linux on older unsupported hardware, and much more…

We talk about Lumina Desktop and Why you should secure your communcations on your internal network.

We talk about all kinds of random linux/bsd and other stuff.  So come for the linux stay for the odd stories. 

We talk about Drop Down Terminals and the Why’s and When to use Docker.  So come check it out.  It’s cooler than it sounds.

We talk about what to do with all these toys. Then we talk about a Markdown Tool and a  Media Server Walt found.  So come check it out.

We love the pogoplug.  Check out what we have been doing with them over the last week.  And pick one up for as little as $7 over on Amazon.

We talk about hacking the Pogo Plug.  Check out the link for the $8 devices.  

We talk about Ansible, Replacing a Dell 2650 with a Pogo Plug,  and what services we are running at home.

We talk about Archlinux, Chumby’s and the great init 6 vs reboot vs shutdown -r now

We talk about our thoughts on Google I/O and all the announcements

While Brian is away Joe and Walt take over and talk linux gaming and stuff like that…

Flashback five years to our first ever post on the site.  

We a talk about the fact that the prettiest Linuxes all seem to be paid for in some manner. Now we admit given the people using it there isn’t a lot of money but better than nothing right?