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1) Introduction

What have we been doing?


2) News


Canonical integrate Amazon suggestions into Unity Dash


How to handle a 65Gbps DDOS Attack

Cool podcast from Jupitre Broadcasting about Burnout from a developer and Ops perspective

Crashplan rocks for Small to Mid-size businesses

A series of unfortunate problems cut this one a little short.  You just missed, like Brian did, Joes awesome closing to the show.  Brian recorded a new one.

3) Conclusion

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Ubuntu wants to revolutionize the UI

It would seem that Ubuntu is in a race with Microsoft and Apple to make a massive change to the way we use desktop.  With the HUD and Unity they are trying to moving things in a new way and change the way we all work.  While I am still on the fence on Unity the HUD is something I hope Apple and Microsoft embrace and extend.  This is a nice article from the man himself, Mark Shuttleworth, about his plans for the future of User Interfaces.

Canonical’s History and Disasters

There is a great article over at linuxinsider.com that describes the history and strange path from idea to what has become one of the most widely used Linux Distrobutions, Ubuntu.  No path is ever straight or error free but this article really points out a problem a lot of Open Source projects face in the balancing act between innovation and a drive to  attract users.  All in all it’s a good read but to hear all of our comments check out this weeks podcast.  As always we do like to have an opinion on such things.

Ubuntu backs off dumping Oracles Version of Java…

In a not to surprising move Canonical has backed off it’s earlier stance to drop the Oracle version of Java from it’s distrobution Ubuntu.  They were attempting to do the free and opensource thing and use OpenJDK instead.  The problem with that is that not all of the Java Application servers support it let alone small Java apps. The differences aren’t that commonly found but when they are they are extremely hard to trouble shoot.  We are glad to see them choose the practical approach rather than a hard line stance that would have hurt functionality of the platform.

Ubuntu is going Mobile?

Mr. Ubuntu himself, Mark Shuttleworth, has stated that they will be moving into the do things in the mobile space and on TV’s.  Yeah that’s right becuase we need yet another phone OS they are going to try their hand at it.   We found stories on both LinuxInsider and readwriteweb that do a great job talking about the topic.  Our opinion is that while we believe they could do great things in the space we don’t want the to sacrafice the desktop to do it.  Unity will be a great tablet/phone UI but it doesn’t work on the desktop.  They are different use cases and should be treated as such.  We have been pointing this out for sevaral months now on the podcast and touched on it yet again. 


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