The kernel can now be found at GitHub…

In an interesting turn of events Linus Torvalds has put a copy of the Kernel Git repo up on GitHub.  Interesting to see the code show up on a second location.  Github is a great place to store or find opensource projects.  They make their money by doing private Git hosting.  The tool is easy to use and can give you more tree level controls than standard Git provides.  If you are looking for a cool place to work on your opensource project or a secure place to store your companies projects take a look at it.

Is Open Source Illegal in your country?

Several countries still have laws on the books that actually prevent things like the GPL and CC licenses from being used.  The laws in at least a few cases are such that no open licenses will be leagal until they get changed.  The author does a great job of making it all make sense as best he can.


In other leagal news, the SCO Vs. Linux case may finally be done.  Let’s hope that no one else tries this.  It’s been years and lots of confusion with this case.  Support the FSF and Linux Foundation so that we all can enjoy the use of the open source tools we have gone to depend on.

Episode 49 – Are you ready to K-Splice your machine?

Running Time: 44:59

1) Introduction

Joe and Brian Talk about FLA in the summer and mobile uploads on Android

2) News

Adobe let’s Open Source Developers Lead AIR on Linux

Ubuntu Linux is getting serious about Business

Oracle buys KSplice

Is your EMACS violating the GPL?

Microsoft pays Novell $100Million dollars to keep using Suse 

3) Conclusion

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Is your EMACS violating the GPL?

Richard Stallman himself owned up to the fact that in what we assume was an oversite forgot to include 8 files needed to make recent versions of EMACS compliant with the GPL. So should you stop using it now?  Probably not unless you are running the most bleeding edge versions of EMACS.  Which probably isn’t going to be in your favorite distributions repository for just this type of reason.  They probably have already updated the files though we haven’t verified it.


Adobe let’s Open Source Developers Lead AIR on Linux

The register is reporting that Adobe is turning over development of the recent abandon AIR application to an open source consortium.  The Open Screen Project(OSP) will take over AIR development.  This is a group of companies including tech power-houses Google, Intel and Motorola.  Hopefully this will help it keep pace with the Mac and Windows versions.  All of these companies have a vested interest in Linux and teams that are used to develop on and for Linux.  So we think there are great things to come.

What’s the Top Open Source License?

OpenLogic released the top Open Source License Top Five based on downloads from it’s site which aggregates nearly 330,000 Open Source Projects.  While only having one application in the top five downloads, Apache Tomcat, the Apache license was number one.  The article we found on  said, “According to OpenLogic, measured by downloads the top open source license is the Apache License at 32.7 percent. The LGPL came in second at 21.0 percent and GPL is third at 14.4 percent.”  Check out the article if you are interested in the rest of the numbers.

Has FOSS become mainstream?

The Open Source Bussiness Conference made some big waves last week.  One of the big announcements at the conference was the release of the North Bridge Venture Partners 5th annual Future of FOSS Survey results.  The report has lots of interesting tidbits but what seems to be making a lot of noise is that they draw the conclusion that OpenSourse is now mainstream.  I am sure that most of our readers will already know this. did a great job at collecting a wide variety of the responses from around the net so check it out.

White House releases open source code

Oriely Radar has a cool article titled “White House releases IT Dashboard as open source code” written by Alex Howard.  The article explains what the IT-Dashboard is links to it.  It’s really pretty awesome cause it let’s us as citizens the ability to visualize, download and basicly use the site.  When you go to the site the cool factor kicks in.  It’s great to se the goverment continue to push open data out through the use of technology.