Microsoft isn’t really afraid of Linux

According to their latest fillings with the SEC Microsoft claims that Linux is no longer a threat on the desktop.  This story over at Business Insider tries to make more of it than it really is. I personally love seeing Linux getting the Apple treatment.  After playing with PinguyOS for the last couple of weeks I am starting to change my opinion on Desktop Linux.  I am running Windows apps in VMWare just like I have always done with Linux when I am forced to use Windows.  While there are only a few things I need to do in Windows I still can’t live without it at work.  So let Microsoft and others keep thinking that Linux can’t do the desktop.  Remember they thought the Internet was a FAD also.

Fedora and OpenSuse drop dev efforts on Unity….

Thanks to the folks over at for pointing me to the posts from the developers working on Unity on Fedora and OpenSuse.  Both site problems with the upstream developers and seem to be suffering from burn-out.  If you know anyone interested in picking the projects up they both seem willing to turn it over.  The current decision though puts Ubuntu out on their own in adopting Unity.  If you want to test it out you seem to have to use Ubuntu for now.

Application Installers Unite…..

According to this article we found, meetings are starting to happen and people are trying to move towards a common Application Installer. So their could be the end of the “My package manager is better than yours is” debates?  Well it’s a bit early to tell but it does sound like the big distros are talking about settling on a common package format.  If they do go forward with this we can only hope that it’s adoption moves faster than LSB(Linux Standards Base).  It would definitely go a long way to help adoption of Linux as a platform.  For instance, only seeing one line on download pages like Windows and Mac have would help newbies or people thinking about trying linux be less afraid.  When you can create app stores that only have to carry one type of package they become a lot easier to create.  We here at hope that every linux install will get easier over time.

What do you think?  What problems will one package format have?  What hidden benefits are there?  What hidden problems?

Angry Birds coming to a linux desktop near you?

According to this article Rovio is saying that they might bring the Android/IPhone smash hit Angry Birds to Linux.  According to several reports this application was the largest selling app initially on the Apple Mac Store when it debuted last week.  The app sold for $5.99.  We can only wonder if the company will do with linux what it’s done with Android and just make the app Advertising supported.  Either way it’s good to see people at least talking about bring things to Linux.

45 TB Linux based NAS

Start your year off with some awesome 45 TB Linux based NAS System.  The Synology DiskStation 5-Bay (Diskless) Scalable Network Attached Storage DS1511+ allows you to get to 45 TB by adding additional cabinets.  Help Net Security has a cool post about this new Linux Based NAS.  If you need lots of storage for all those orders you are getting on your E-Commerce site this sounds like a choice you should be evaluating.  The system starts at $900 and go up from there as you add more storage cases and disks.  

Is Corporate America letting the Linux Desktop die on the vine?

This article over at makes some great points about what we need to do to get Linux on the Desktop in most companies.  At the same time it tends to drift into some unrealistic rationale behind making the switch.  I would love to see Linux on every desktop.  The problem is getting your users to understand.  I am relatively sure that about 70% of most companies could be converted tomorrow.  The problem is that they are all going to have a different screen when they login.  For most of us Tech’s our response to that is so what?  For most of the “normal” people however it can completely ruin their day.  To avoid this would require a considerable amount training.  So until companies are ready to bite the bullet and do the training we won’t see a lot of movement on this front.

Can virtual pc’s get linux on your desktop?

I came across an interesting article today over at about the issues with migrating to a Linux Desktop.  The article makes serveral really good points about whether or not you will really see the R in the ROI and how Virtual PCs might just finally make it all work out for companies of all sizes.  The trick is, as it’s always been, getting people to do things they aren’t familar with. 


What do you think, can Virutal PC’s enhance Linux Adoption?  Let us know in the comments below.

Did you miss it? Google is trying to send Windows Packing….

While there is tons of speculation as to the real reason it is pretty clear at this point that Google real is encouraging people not to use Windows in favor of Linux and MacOSX.  There are rumors all over the map as to the reason.  The has a great rundown collection of the major rumors and a little bit of commentary.  There are also articles over at the Googling Google Blog trys to claim that the switch will save Google millions, like they need the money and haven’t already paid for the licenses.

This is truly great news for the Linux Community.  Of course not the first major company to encourage the use of anything but Microsoft.  Novell has the majority of it’s company migrated and only those who can find no alternative software are allowed to stay with it.  IBM and Cisco both allow people to choose their own PC.  Basicly they give their staff a budget and provide solutions for them to implement and support.  In the end this lowers costs and let’s people work happier with the OS the picked.  It is good to hear though and I hope more companies will start looking into why they have to stick with Windows.  Especially for the IT Staff.