Are you going to Ohio Linux Fest?


If you haven’t heard next weekend, Sept. 9-11,  is the Biggest and Best Linux Fest in the Midwest.  That’s right it’s time for Ohio Linux Fest.  They are going to celebrate Linux’s Twenty years.  You won’t want to miss the keynote by John “Maddog” Hall, the man is a legend and an awesome speaker with great stories to tell.  If you are anywhere close by come meet up with us at Ohio Linux Fest.

Episode 26 – News, News Everywhere…and all about Google

Running Time: 39:46

You can find the podcast here.

1) Introduction

Check out a cool new site for finding news about Free Software.

2) News

How Linux Saved the Day for a Fast food Resteraunt Running Windows

Admin Power

Google Send Shockwaves through Open source and the Tech World….In a non-evil way of course

3) Conclusion

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Linux Foundation has announced the Keynotes for LinuxCon

LinuxCon the Linux Foundations Linux conference will be held in Boston August 10th – 12th.  They have announced the who will be keynoting for them.  The names include the founding director of the Software Freedom Law Center, Eben Moglen.  Stormy Peters, he is the executive Director of the Gnome Foundation.  The most interesting presentation in the list though is Jeffery Hammond, Principal Analyst for Forester Research.  He will be presenting recent data that shows increased developer adoption to open source platforms, frameworks and development processes, as well as greater awareness of IT Management about the benifits of mixed source development models.

Check out the article on and the actual press release at the website.