With it’s second pick in the cloud draft Ubuntu chooses OpenStack…

Over at Desktoplinux.com they have a story about Canonical’s annoucement that they have decided to go in a new direction with their cloud offering.  Instead of using Eucalyptus they will be migrating to OpenStack.  This will also mean that instead of supporting a E2C API they will be switching to the OpenStack API.  This means very little for most people but if you were thinking about building a private cloud with Ubuntu’s solution it is a pretty significant switch. In our opinion OpenStack is the better choice for both you and Ubuntu.  The project has huge backers like NASA, RackSpace, Dell, Cisco and intel to name a few.  It’s also gained a lot of momentum.  If you have looked at it check it out here.

Red Software + Blue Hardware = Purple Private Clouds

ZDNet.com has a cool article about the alliance between Red Hat and IBM starting to bring something to the market. It appears that what they have been working on is a packaged appliance like Cloud solution.  With Red Hat KVM Based virtualization and IBM Hardware they plan to make devices and sets of servers to compete with the ones being created by Cisco, EMC and VMWare.  Competition is cool but can they unseat the VMWare team?  Only time will tell.

How SmugMug lived through the Amazon Outage….

While surfing around the other day looking for stories about the Amazon Outage I came across this story about how SmugMug managed to come through it basicly unaffected.  The article is written by Don MacAskill acording to his LinkedIn Profile he is Co-Founder, CEO, & Chief Geek at SmugMug.  The article goes through a lot of inforation and I warn you now that it is a long article.  I suggest reading it so that you can start understanding the limitations in the Cloud and what can be done to avoid it.  (Tip: Read the links to the Forum Posts.  A lot of the comments are pretty bad.)

Linux Care is back from the dead…Sort of…

Computer World has a report about the companies return and some comments from the founder who is trying to bring it back.  The company is taking a difference stance this time.  Instead of trying to be support everyone everywhere this time they are going to focus on supporting cloud computing solutions.  Like Cloud Computing the model they are using this time around is purchasing only the services you need.  They will offering support from single incident support to complete begining to end development solution.  I couldn’t find any fee sheets so you will have to contact them through their website for the details.