Episode 120 – More fun with PogoPlugs…

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1) Introduction

  • Brian – Brian played with PogoPlug and LInux Mint 17 Cinnamon. He was interviewed on over on the Podnutz Networks Server Show
  • Walt – Got the Pogoplug working off an SD Card

2) What we are up to with Linux?

More Fun with the PogoPlug

  • Installing Archlinux onto a USB Key is easy
  • Installing Debian is a medium difficulty
  • Installing on the SD card is an advanced task
  • The PogoPlugs aren’t fast but they will work great for simple tasks
  • Walt is seeing about 35/Mbps file transfers so the throughput does not even max out the USB 2.0 speed
  • Serving stactic pages works fine but DB’s should probably be avoided due to a lack of memory.
  • Check out TiddlyWiki as a cool wiki without the need of a DB and most of the processing is done in the browser as it’s all written in JavaScript.

3) Conclusion

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