turned five last Thursday….

So Joe and I were talking last Friday and I realized that my first post on was on June 12th.  We thought we should re-post it just to remind you where we started.  Hopefully you like where we have ended up.


Thanks for all the comments and support!!!!!!


WOW!!!! We finally got this moving.  I am Brian “Wags” Wagner.  I am the founder of LinuxInstall.Net.  So why does the Internet need yet another Linux focused WebSite?  Because a lot of great sites about Linux seem to be slowing.  I am not saying all of the great sites are going anywhere.  As an example of a site that is still going strong check out DistroWatch which is one of the best locations for finding information about what else but distrobutions.

So what are we going to do?

I have several of my friends out searching the Web for Interesting Stories about Linux.  We are then going to turn the posts into a Podcast for people like myself who prefer to listen.  We are going to broadcast our recording sessions and make the full/behind the scenes stuff available on Youtube and others.  We are finally going to create a set of screencasts and articles that will show the processes we go through to do things in Linux.  The topics will start off with what a new user would do.  For instance, we will install a distro(or 2 or 10).  After that we will continue to build on the server to create an entire network of servers.  We have plans to add much much more but this seems like a great way to start.

What should we expect out of the editorial staff?

Everyone on my team lives in the real world.  We have real jobs in real companies.  We are not acedemics though we are all educated.  We are not trained journalists, which you will see with our writing.  We work hard to either Manage Technology based on Linux and/or the people who Manage the technology.  Our goal is both to help the newest of newbies understand and the most seasoned of Linux Experts understand how to explain the when and where to use Linux.  We don’t believe Linux is the best choice for all situations.  We do believe there are only a limited number of issues that need to be addressed to for Linux to hit the tipping point in the area of acceptance. 

We believe that your feedback is our most valuable resource….

We look forward to everyones feed back about what we have to say and the articles, HowTo’s and stories we link to.  Community is the key to making Linux Mainstream and to make Open Source work.  The same is true for our site.  So please, please, please comment, ask questions, challenge our positions, and tell us what we can do better.  We are passionate about Linux and Technology.