Episode 104 – It’s all about Servers Man!!!

Episode Description

We talk about Greg switching Sides, Joe Fighting with a TWC Router, Walt and Brian rebuilding NAS’s and Oh Yeah Servers Man!!! What is the Best Linux Distro for Small Businesses? What is the Best Linux Distro for Enterprises? Of course we explain why we feel like we do. So check out the latest edition of the Podcast.

Episode Notes Episode 104 -It’s all about the Servers Man!!!

Recorded Tues March 25, 2014

1) Introduction

  • Greg is trying out Ubuntu on his primary laptop and had to install drivers for the Wacom Tablet
  • Joe had to mess with his TWC Router/Modem trying to get Port Forwarding to work.  He also installed the latest version of Smoothwall.  He likes it.  Sounds like TWC will need to put the modem/router into true Bridge Mode.
  • Walt rebuilt NAS backup drive and rsync scripts.  Upgraded hard drives and migrated over virtual machines.  Talked to student into trying archlinuxarm.
  • Brian  Working on backing up Drobo due to BIT ROT and worked more with Docker.

2) What we are up to with Linux?

Your choice of Top Distro for:

  • SMB Servers
  • Enterprise Servers

3) Conclusion

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