Audio Podcast is back!!

In case you haven’t heard we hooked up with The New Tech Podcast Network to help us with the audio publishing of the the podcast.  They also happen to be doing cool things we are glad to help them promote.  If you didn’t know already we have a Youtube Channel where we have been leaving the hangouts, un-edited, after we complete them.  I have now setup a script which will download those, do a lot of post processing, and push them out as audio podcasts to be used with our new Network.

If you are still subscribed to the old link it should just start working.  If not here is the link. 

Our goal is to get the podcasts down to 30 minutes.  We are generally close but a little over right now.   The focus for the podcast as the site has changed to be more just about linux than sticking with the corporate focus as we had been trying to.  Check out Episode 96 of the podcast for more about that. 


We look forward to your feedback on the changes and things you still think we need to!!