Take a leap into the future…

So the MetroUI is awesome on a tablet/phone but I could never see me using it on a real computer without pulling my hair out.  Several different Linux Windows Managers seem to be heading down the same path.  It has been my opinion for some time that no matter who is doing it, it sucks.  Then I saw the Leap Motion interface.  It’s basically the Kinect for your computer but far more accurate.  It has sub millimeter accuracy and can track all 10 fingers at once just like most modern touch screens.  Unlike touch screens though this works in 3 dimensions.   The best part is that it will sell for only $70 and it comes out this winter.  They are working on Linux, MacOSX and Windows drivers concurrently.


The question we want to know the answer to is whether this is the next evolution in User Interfaces.  Will this be how we replace the mouse/touch pad?

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