Can Kubuntu survive a loss in funding?

According to a post by Jonathan Riddle over on the KDE Blog, Canonical is going to be pulling it’s finical support of the KDE inspired version of Ubuntu after the release of 12.04.  Jonathan does a great job explaining the business reasons behind the decision to pull the support after seven years.  He goes on to ponder the future of Kubuntu.  He is looking for both support and feedback about the direction he should take.  Since he has to eat and live without the support he was getting he will need to work on other things as the majority of his day.  So can he find enough people to help him offset that loss of time?  Should he re-focus on helping another KDE based Distro?  Could he find another company to provide Financial assistance so that he can continue?

Leave a comment here or click on the link above to let Jonathan know how you feel and what direction you would like to see him take.  If you are in or know a company that loves KDE why not see if you can help to support his efforts.  Let’s show him where the community can take him and Kubuntu.

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