Will Microsoft’s new Filesystem be able to Compete with some Linux File Systems?

One of the bigger pieces of new that really surprised me this week, was Microsoft mentioning that in their new Windows 8 Server version, they will be including a new filesystem option called ReFS.  I was quite surprised to hear this as while I had heard rumors that Microsoft has been working on a new file system for quite a few years now, this was the first I actually read about one being released so soon.  Now you may be wondering, why are we discussing a Microsoft file system on this site, or on the podcast.  Well, I found an article over on phronox.com which discusses this new file system and compares it to some file systems that can be found in Linux.  

Not that I want to spoil the article for anyone, but for those of us on the Linux side, I don’t think we have too much to worry about. 

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