Red Hat Vs. Vmware?

While we don’t normally think of these two being at odds several stories this week pointed out that it is the case.  Red Hat, as we have previously reported, been working with IBM on a cloud solution of their own.  Last year they choose not to go with Rackspace and Nasa on the Open Stack initiative.  They also didn’t join the Open Virtulization Group that VMWare and Cisco are leading.  Now they are starting to take the covers off of Aeolus the tool they say will not only allow you to not only manage their version of Cloud technology but give you the ability to manage and migrate workloads and apps between the various cloud solutions.  The goal being that this one tool can move your applications between Amazon, Vmware, OpenStack or it’s on solution based on the cost model that meets your needs.

So the second article on this topic tries to explain the how and why of VMWare and not Ubuntu or Suse may be Red Hat’s largest target.  When you get done reading it the point is well made.  The problem for Red Hat is that they still need to work with VMware.  Why? Becuase they currently own better than 50% of the virutalization market.

Do you agree?   What should Red Hat do?  What about VMWare?

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