Fedora and Ubuntu are getting the Butter on our File systems…

Phoronix.com, a great site with an even better preformance test suite, has a nice write up about the often talked about BRTFS(commonly pronounced Butter FS). They mention that Fedora seems to be releasing it with GRUB extenstions to allow for file system snapshot roll-backs by the end of the year and Ubuntu by the 12.04 release next April.  What is so great about this?  Imagine if your favorite Linux Update tool could tell BRTFS to take a snapshot of the state of the file systems every time it did an update.  Then let’s imagine that GRUB, our favorite boot-loader, could see that they were al there and give you the options to roll-back to that last know working version.  Wouldn’t that just ROCK?  No more worries about not taking snapshots on virtual machines or needing to restore after a bad upgrade on a physical machine.  The time saved will be incredible.  We can’t wait for this all to be production ready and standard on all Linux versions.

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