Open Office could be down for the count

I was reading my RSS feeds today and found an article discussing Open Office.  We have discussed Open Office on the podcast before, and to just update it, Oracle may be throwing the towel in on this once great product.  When Oracle took over the rights to Open Office, a new productivity suite was forked from this software called Libre Office.  Since no on really knew what Oracle’s intentions were with Open Office, most of the developer’s, and from what it appears users as well, went over to Libre Office.  Since the fork occurred, Libre Office has surpassed Open Office in updates and functionality.  With Open Office almost becoming stagnant, Oracle may just have to cut its losses short.

Check out the article and find out more about this on-going saga.  

And if you are looking for a great open source product, you can find Libre Office here:

Libre Office Link

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