Ubuntu designer proposes getting rid of quit from app menus….

Matthew Paul Thomas over at the Connanical blog seems to be saying that he wants to phase out the quit option from Linux App Menus.  It’s kind of confusing becuase the topic is.  As a replacement or enhancement for quit he proposes changing the Close functionality of all programs to quit the application when the user closes the last window in it’s set of windows.  The thought behind this is that with today’s processing power and larger installed memory the need to quit applications isn’t needed.  The problem is the model he is trying to compare to is that of Android and iOS.  These aren’t really fair comparisons since I can’t really have more than one or two screens on my Original Droid.  So you can’t run into the problem of having 30 seperate windows within a single application.  I use quit/exit most often to get out of the office fast at the end of the day.  I don’t want to have to jump through all my open windows to close them all.  I want to click File->Quit(Exit) a few times and go home.  

At least they aren’t banning the quit menu option.  As always Connanical is pushing the UI bounds and trying to achieve new things.  It’s an interesting idea but it will take a lot more convincing to get me to be a convert.  It’s a long but interesting read so check it out.

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