Version Control Use

I found a great article over at Linux Insider discussing the topic of version control.  We’ve discussed virtualization before in our podcast, and with most datacenters now being occupied by hundreds of vm’s, it’s very easy for servers to get our of synch with updates.  One way to curtail this downward spiral is through the use of version control software.  We’ve worked in different shops and the ones we see used more frequently are subversion and clearcase.  By keeping all the software you install wrapped in a nice rpm, you can keep great control over your version through the use of software packages like these two.  While these are not the only ones around, and I am sure many of you will have your own favorites, the two I have mentioned can just be a place to start your comparisons.

Using version control you can see what has changed in your rpm, and who did the change.  You can also easily tell if your server has the latest files on it that it needs to have.

Check out the article and post some of your opinions on your favorite version control software.

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