Episode 38 – Predictions for 2011….

Running Time:  38:28

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1) Introduction

2) What we predicted for 2010

  • An App Store for Linux like there is one for the IPhone and Android Phones – This came true with the Ubuntu One App store. Google released the first browser/Chrome OS App Store and Apple announced a Mac App Store to premier in 2011.
  • Microsoft will be try to make a serious run at VMWare for the Vitalization Market on XSeries, Red Hat will come from no where and put Microsoft into 3rd place behind Xen. – Failed on this but they did acquire a lot of Novell Patents
  • Someone will figure out what to do with Google Wave in an enterprise or just in general. Wave Federation will take off. – Wave got killed by Google but it’s been reborn as an apache project and several companies, including Novell, are doing wave in a box.
  • Chrome OS and Android will merge. – Google Still swears it ain’t gonna happen.
  • This will not be the year of the Linux Desktop. Linux will continue to gain share in the X86 Server market. Linux will be the preferred Netbook OS paired with something like Chrome OS. – That was true but Netbooks seem to be getting replaced by Tablets. We finally have the first Chrome OS “CloudBook”. CES is coming so how many new tablets are we going to see. Playstation Phone will run on Android.
  • Linux will not see a major virus in 2010. Really we don’t think there will be a major issue with Viruses in general in 2010. – True Same goes for 2011.

3) What we think is going to happen in 2011

  • Phones will become a big target for virus’ in 2011.
  • Joe says …HTML 5 will rock the world..OK he really said it’s going to take off.
  • Android will continue to dominate…New tablets will hit the market next year that may upset.
  • Google will negotiate contracts and start streaming day old episodes
  • Wayland will successfully replace Xorg for most major free distributions and become an option for the paid distributions.
  • And More you will have to listen to hear….

4) Conclusion

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