Sudo or not to Sudo…

I love SUDO….It let’s me audit who became root or ran certain commands…It keeps me from having to remember Roots password on all of the systems I use.  That then let’s me set really crazy passwords for Root.  The problem is that except for Ubuntu no one setups any groups or users to be able to run anything with it.  Sudo is one of the most powerful tools for managing users access to critical commands.  It let’s you audit what has been done and by who.  As long as you take the time to define the programs and make everyone not just do “sudo su -“.  For my home stuff though I am the only Linux Admin.  I probably will be until my son or daughter get old enough.  So setting myself up with sudo access on all my machines isn’t that big a risk.  So for all of those systems you don’t have it setup for automatically here is a link to a quick how to at Linux Journal to help you get it set up.  Thanks to Walt Jevack for pointing me to the link…

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