and Palm goes too……

Since we mention phones now and then on the podcast, I figured why not throw this up here.  It appears that HP has purchased Palm.  Palm has been struggling lately, after dominating the PDA market with their devices.  Once PDA’s switched over to smartphones, Palm seemed a little slow and late  in joining the party.  Their attempt last year at joining the game with the Palm Pre, while appearing strong at first, seems to have faded fast.  I only know of a couple of people who had them, and while they looked slick on day one, after using them, some felt the purchase was not the best of decisions. 

So now with HP, a company who once was a competitor in the PDA market with Palm, joining forces, will they be able together, to battle the behemoths of Apple and Google.  Microsoft is trying to stay in the game with their new Windows mobile 7 series, but I’m not even sure they can keep up with what some of their competitor’s are producing. 

Engadget has a small write up on this, but I’m not sure how much there is left to say.

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