Google’s gPad?

The past couple of weeks, pad computing has been all the rage.  It is something that no matter what tech website you go to, they are probably covering Apple, and its new toy.  We didn’t cover it here, but I did find this article over on Linux Journal discussing Google’s possible entry to the pad market with a gPad.   While we don’t know if this is really true, or if that will be the name, I really hope it isn’t, it does seem fitting that Google does get into this market.

Pad computers have been around for over 10 years now, and Microsoft has repeatedly tried to jumpstart this market, but until Apple’s iPad recent release, I don’t believe too many people have taken pad computers that serious.  Google entering this market now, is just the next step in their offerings, especially after the release of the Nexus One back at the beginning of the year. 

Now will Google be offering the same type of features that Apple offers.  I’m sure, they will especially if the device is running Android which has a very nice market already in place.  But what about books and some of the other features.  Even though Google may not be on the Christmas card list of many book publishers, Amazon will more then likely release their Kindle application on the pad.  It just makes pure business sense for Amazon to do this.  Amazon didn’t feel that making the application available for the iPad would hurt Kindle sales, so why not offer their software on as many platforms as possible. 

Check out the article, and let us know what you think.  I am sure we will be covering more of this device if it does come to fruition.

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