Are your Linux servers reliable?

It seems virtualization is one of the hot topics being discussed today.  I found a very insightful article over at Linux Insider discussing how to protect your Linux server.  This discussion is going beyond just simple security and is looking at how to recover your server.  The article discuses the use of the good old fashioned tape backup system, as well as using the rsync utility. 

Depending on the criticality of the application, each server should have a set time frame as to how fast it needs to be back up.  Virtualization can assist with getting severs restored quickly and timely.  You can also even extend this virtual network of servers into the cloud and have a warm site at a remote location.  This high availability of servers though will definitely cost a premium compared to the more standard tape backup. 

Check out the article and then review your environment to see if you can tighten down any loose ends.  We’ll discuss this topic further in a future CTO Brief.

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