Where will Open Solaris go from here?

So Oracle has started reconfiguring the new merged company.  From several articles we have seen some things will be dropped and other are still holding on.  One of the things that seems to be missing in the discussions so far is Open Solaris.  Given Mr. Ellison’s history is not to let his products into the open source world.  So while leaving Java and mysql are clearly going to stay open, Open Solaris keeps getting missed.  So why does a linux blog care about Open Solaris?  Basicly becuase it allows people to look at and gain insight into how the much older Solaris OS works.  Also Unbreakable Linux is Oracles Linux so whether they are going to drop Linux in favor Open Solaris.  Oracle has to this point stayed commited to Linux as this article points out.

So What do you think they should do?  What should they releasse?  Is there anything else they should opensource?

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