Meego how about you?

In case you missed it Intel and Nokia have combined their Open Source(think Linux but not really) operating systems into a new OS called Meego.  Do you wonder what that means?  Here is a link to that makes an attempt to answer the question.  The why of this quesiton is pretty simple.  Intel doesn’t want Google to be the Microsoft of the mobile phone OS world.  They lost control of the path of DOS and it’s why they keep having to make Backwards compatible chips to the original x86 line.  For Nokia it’s just what they need to start making inroads into the US Smart Phone Market.  So while it seems to be a strange partnership, the long term goal for both companies is aligned and has to be making sure that neither Apple or Google controls the Smart Phone Market.  Will this new OS be able to overtake the current power houses?  Only time will tell.

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