Are you facing Linux and FLOSS Resistance? Let us Help….

Does your company have a strong Linux Presence?  What about other Open Source Tools like Apache, MySQL, Tomcat, or any of the Open Source Wiki’s?  If not then why not? 

If you have ever asked people these questions what was the response?  What amazes me is how often Corporations are paralyzed with fear around just a few issues when it comes to FLOSS.  In this weeks article we are going to try to teach everyone how to combat one of the most common arguments we have heard against FLOSS.  We would like to write several articles explaining how we defuse or debunk most of these complaints, whines and irrational reasons against FLOSS. With your help and your feedback we will write follow-ups to this article addressing other common anti-patterns for Open Source and how we would approach countering them. 

So please leave us a comment here telling us what else to discuss.

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