Britian’s new Internet Law should be a warning for us…

Cory Doctorow has a quick note about the new Law in the UK over at Boing Boing.  As he normally does it’s a great read that explains how it’s supposed to work.  Basically it is one of the most distributing laws I have seen yet supported by the RIAA and other media companies.  Why is this a Linux thing?  It’s not specifically a Linux thing.  It’s an internet thing.  So if you loose your connection to the internet because someone thinks the Linux ISO you are downloading was a movie instead all they need to do is say you are doing it.  They don’t need any real data to back up the accusation.  All they have to do is accuse you three times and you can be banned for life at your home address for life.  The person enforcing this new law dose not need to any due process and they can set the fine at whatever level they think is right.

These rules are coming to a state or federal government near you.  Look out especially the three strikes stuff.  No law should every exist without a due process.  Stopping dumb laws is everyone’s responsibility.

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