SCO’s CEO get’s terminated….

According to the Form 8-K filed by SCO this morning they have restructured eliminating the CEO position and thus terminating CEO Darl McBride.  The company also said it is looking for additional funding and will be selling off it’s non-core assets to raise working capital.  The COO, Jeff Hunsaker, CFO, Ken Nielsen, and Chief Legal Counsel, Ryan Tibbitts, will stay for the time being and work with the Chapter 11 appointed Trustee, Edward Cahn, and his advisors.

While their is no announcement yet, I believe this is the beginning of the end to the SCO Lawsuits over Unix Copyright they claimed to own but were illegally put into Linux.  There was considerable speculation back in Augast (See SCO is back in the Game?) that the Trustee and his advisors may not have the same drive to push forward with the lawsuits that Mr. McBride did.  This restructuring at least points to the fact that they didn’t like the leadership and direction he was giving the company.  Stay tuned to your news readers we all might actually live to see the end of this lawsuit.

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