Episode 10 – Staffing for Medium and Large sized Businesses

On this weeks show we cover the following News Items:
Red Hat and Software Freedom Law Center ask Supreme Court to make software not patentable
Cloud outages this week
Linux is becoming 60% of the Smart Phone Market

The Topic of the week – Staffing for Linux part 3 –  Medium and Size Businesses
Joe and Brian discuss in greater detail the things you should consider when staffing for Linux in a Large to Medium Sized Business.  This is the final segment on staffing for Linux for now.  Next time we will talk about our recommendations for a pilot project to get linux up and showing off what it can do.

We can’t wait to hear your feed back so either:
E-Mail us at podcast at linuxinstall.net
Call us via Google Voice (That means it’s toll free to you.  If you use a cell phone other pay per minute service number for them to call then minutes of course apply.)
Follow us on Twitter @linuxinstall

This episode can be found here and runs 45 minutes 47 Seconds.


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