Linus says bloat story is bloated by Slashdotters….

In this weeks FLOSS Weekly found here Randall Schwartz and Jono Bacon interviewed “Mr. Linux”  Linus Torvalds.  They covered a lot of interesting stuff including last weeks scandal around his comment that the Linux Kernel is bloated.  After listening to him describe in much more detail than I had see anywhere else what he meant it makes sense.  Linus believes that the once thin and trim kernel is getting larger becuase it has to and not becuase anyone wants it to.  The bloat he describes is around how things are secured which he doesn’t seem to believe should be removed.  He seemed to be hinting that he may be trying to find a way to make the kernel more effecient about how it does those types of calls.  He also discusses that with his GIT project he has seen how other OSes do it and still believes that Linux is doing it better.  Most of this is becuase of the lack of legacy software to work with.  I think you will find the interview interesting and fun.  It’s less about the geeky kernel stuff and more about his history, what it’s been like moving to the US, and the politics of and OpenSource life.  The part about how and why Linux is open souce is really something all companies should think about. 

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