The podcast is gaining focus….

We will be missing a podcast this week and switching to a bi-weekly release schedule.  We hope this will allow us to fufill our other goals for the site like producing some more written content and Video Podcasts on various topics.  As you will see over the coming weeks we will be shapening our focus also.  The teams strengths are in the area of supporting or managing the people supporting Linux in a Corporate environment.  To that end we will be focusing on enhancing the newly renamed CTO Briefs section and keeping the stories in the news section on target for people like us, SysAdmins in a Corporate World.  We hope to get some interviews with Admin friends of ours from both small and large companies.  This will help us to show off how they use Linux in their daily lives and jobs.  Please send us your questions and comment here on the site.  We look forward to your feedback on the changes.

Brian Wagner


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