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We give Jeff Knupp a chance to talk back to us and tell us how wrong we really were about his article. We are honoured to have had him on the show. 

Greg and Brain talk about this blog post. 

Ever wonder how we can check out so many different versions of Linxu and still have a life?  We talk about it on this weeks episode of the podcast.

We talk about Greg switching Sides, Joe Fighting with a TWC Router, Walt and Brian rebuilding NAS's and Oh Yeah Servers Man!!! What is the Best Linux Distro for Small Businesses? What is the Best Linux Distro for Enterprises? Of course we explain why we feel like we do. So check out the latest edition of the Podcast.

We talk about the first programs we used on Linux, Our first Web Servers and DB Servers, and Much more.

Want Google Drive on your Linux machine?  Check out this article. 

The latest post over at the explains why people who call themselves scriptors should really spend just a little more time and act more like Developers.  You know use things like Version Control systems and Testing.  Join the discussion and give them some feedback.