The state of the linuxinstall.net podcast


I, Brian Wagner, have been avoiding this task since I made the decision in January.  The team and I have grown and changed over the last 6 years.  So has Linux.  When we started we still felt like we were explaining to people why they wanted to use Linux.  Now we spend more time talking about why we want to use a specific technology on a specific distro.  So last year I tried to re-ignite our passion and focus on the podcast by just focusing on Linux and not just Corporate Linux.  It worked well for a while but each of us has other passions that we just want to spend more time on.  This is how we ended up with no shows for the last few months and only sporadically for the months before then.  So for now we are going to put the podcast on hold.  I will still be posting to the twitter and Google Streams communities when I find interesting articles, but the site itself will more or less just be a place holder for the older content and shows.

My focus for some time has been on the DevOps world.  It’s what I love doing so you can check my new podcast over at the DevOps Mastery website/blog/podcast.  I am focused on helping people get started on their DevOps career.  I will be Linux focused of course and talking about DevOps from the Ops perspective.

Joe Leuzzi has for some time been working hard over at What I’m Playing Now where he has a blog, podcast and game streams going.  He has been missing from the show for a while because our production schedules weren’t matching up.  Both of us are busy personally and professionally and as you will see if you visit the site his hard work is paying off.

Walt Jevack and his wife welcomed a new member to the family earlier this year.  So he is a bit sleep deprived and wackier than normal.  You can still follow his Tech escapades over at jevack.com.

Not to be left out Greg Martin is also busy with other projects.  

So for now we are putting the show on-hold.  It may return, it may not.  Either way we appreciate all of the support and feedback over the years.  While I haven’t had the chance to meet a lot of you, the ones I have, almost always have become friends.

Lastly as we do with every show don’t forget to:

Go install Linux….