Episode 35 - Automation Rules...Or does it???

Running Time: 40:58
1) Introduction

2) News
Nokia - Symbian...Get back here...
Shuttleworth - Why we are going with Unity and Wayland
Linux Stories from the Dark Side of Life - Joe and Brian add a few of their own.

3) Automation - Can to much of a good thing be bad..

4) Conclusion

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Nokia pulls Symbian back into the fold....

Nokia has decided that since no one is going to come play with them and Symbian they are going to take their coders and go home.  There is no mention of closing the source back up but it seems likely that the end is near for Symbian, the biggest OS in the smart phone market.  The field is shrinking but Nokia doesn't seem to be making any moves to stay in the game.  They are working with Intel on Meego but that is not coming up fast enough to be a player at the present.  However, I would never count out the worlds #1 cell phone maker out.