Can virtual pc's get linux on your desktop?

I came across an interesting article today over at about the issues with migrating to a Linux Desktop.  The article makes serveral really good points about whether or not you will really see the R in the ROI and how Virtual PCs might just finally make it all work out for companies of all sizes.  The trick is, as it's always been, getting people to do things they aren't familar with. 


What do you think, can Virutal PC's enhance Linux Adoption?  Let us know in the comments below.

Are you an oprotunistic developer?

Jono Bacon, Community Manager at Ubuntu, has assembled a nice article about what one needs to write the quick and scratch your own itch applications Linux and FLOSS are known for without a lot of hassle.  The concept hearkens back to the good old days of Unix when apps were focused on doing one task and doing it well.  His article is a great getting started guide to help you easily find the parts you will need.  Check it out.