Episode 50 - Linux on the Mainframe?

Running Time: 55:20

1) Introduction

Joe and Brian Talk about FLA in the summer and mobile uploads on Android

2) News

What does the future hold for Linux?

Psst...Mainframe Linux is alive and kicking..

Microsoft isn't really afraid of Linux

Is Shuttleworth's head in the clouds? 

3) Conclusion

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Psst...Mainframe Linux is alive and kicking..

CA has finally figured out that this Linux thing might be a good bet.  CA is a huge player in the Mainframe space and has recently announced a new set of tools for Linux on the Mainframe. While this isn't a big game changer it is nice to see Linux getting the tools it needs to be effective on the Mainframe.  Now I just need to find $10,000,000 so I can buy a mainframe and I will be able to test it out.


Don't know much about Linux on the Mainframe?  I try to explain it in Podcast 50 found here.

Episode 14 - Linuxinstall.net Podcast

This week we talk more about Droid and HTC Eros, Mainframe Linux, the Linux Foundation membership deal, and our topic of the week is that all documentation sucks. We have issues with the general state of Documentation both closed and open source.
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