Fedora Project and others have been hacked recently...

We found an article that discusses the fact that the Fedora Project was hacked on 1/22.  It seems that they aren't alone in the problem here of late.  Both the Free Software Foundation and Proftpd have also recently been hacked into.  To our knowledge no real damage has been done but it is a great reminder to change your passwords and make the tough.  Also updating/changing SSH Keys also helps since the Fedora hack used the users SSH Key.

Episode 25 - The Experimental Nature of Linux

Check out our latest Podcast where we discuss the experimental nature of Linux...It may surprise you or excite you but you will have to tune in and listen to find out. We also covered some news from the site. Check it out and let us know what you think. We are looking for the good, the bad and the ugly so we can improve and expand our boundaries.
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Doing security right doesn't have to be expensive....

I found this article over on the Datamation Blog that lists 50 great opensource and freeware security solutions.  It's an impressive list of tools that fill almost every security need you might have.  One of the cool things about the article is that they tell you what the software is a possible replacement for.  The tools on the list are at varying levels of maturity so be sure to do more research before replacing a key piece of your security infrastructure with them.