What can you do with some computers and a shipping container...

Ship it to Zambia and help a villiage get connected to the net of course.  Over at TechRadar.com they have a great article talking about how this idea and Linux is changing lives.  This is a great use of Tech and an inspiring example of how we as Tech's can change the world.


What's your favorite use of Technology for the Public/Greater Good?

Canonical's History and Disasters

There is a great article over at linuxinsider.com that describes the history and strange path from idea to what has become one of the most widely used Linux Distrobutions, Ubuntu.  No path is ever straight or error free but this article really points out a problem a lot of Open Source projects face in the balancing act between innovation and a drive to  attract users.  All in all it's a good read but to hear all of our comments check out this weeks podcast.  As always we do like to have an opinion on such things.

Ubuntu backs off dumping Oracles Version of Java...

In a not to surprising move Canonical has backed off it's earlier stance to drop the Oracle version of Java from it's distrobution Ubuntu.  They were attempting to do the free and opensource thing and use OpenJDK instead.  The problem with that is that not all of the Java Application servers support it let alone small Java apps. The differences aren't that commonly found but when they are they are extremely hard to trouble shoot.  We are glad to see them choose the practical approach rather than a hard line stance that would have hurt functionality of the platform.