What was your first tweet? Here were ours....

So there is a page Twitter created that let's you search for yours and anyone else's first public Tweet.  So today I pulled up what each of our first tweets were.  Here they are.

Linuxinstall.net(@linuxinstall): Working on idea's for the company....Watch for http://linuxinstall.net coming soon  1:32 AM - 21 Jun 2008 (Yes Brian is a night owl. :) If only linuxinstall.net had ever made any money. )

Brian Wagner(@Wags007) : My first Twiit 5:41 PM - 27 May 2008

Joe Leuzzi(@AviarAmidar):  I am working 9:41 AM - 6 May 2008

Walt Jevak(@wjevack) He serious has never sent a Tweet.  No really ever. 

Jason Didonato(@jxmxdx): I am doing my homework that my computer master has instructed me to do! 10:04 PM - 3 Aug 2008

Greg Martin(@gregfmartin) His is lost because he deleted his account then reactivated it.


Now go on out and check out what your first Tweet was.

Linuxinstall.net Episode 102 - We like all the linux's

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1) Introduction

2) What we are up to with Linux?

3) Discussion Topic
  • Arch vs Gentoo vs Fedora/Redhat vs *Ubuntu/Mint

4) Conclusion

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