Is Microsoft really trying to compete with FLOSS?

So Microsoft announced this week that it would stop updating it's core "enterprise" search product on Linux and Unix.  So when you have a mixed environment, like most medium and large corporations do, how is a solution without a linux or unix option still an enterprise solution.  Really how do you call this an enterprise search solution?  Easy you promise to support though not update the existing code for the next ten(10) years and help people setup Windows options.  If you are wondering why your Microsoft stock never seems to go up this would be a prime example.

By comparison to this most search solutions in the FLOSS world do offer and support Windows.  So does this mean that Microsoft has just decided it can't compete?  Hard to believe that the folks in Redmond can't seem to figure out there is money in software for Linux and BSD.  Controlling the entire stack just isn't that important anymore is it?  I guess they think so.

So does FLOSS get the win in this competion?  What do you think?

A great real world FLOSS success story....

I came across this awesome example of why Open Source Software is AWESOME.  The user was having problems between a library he was using and a vendor.  The vendors server was responding to his requests incorrectly.  The library was actually doing everything correctly.  So check out how it played out.

How do you argue with the no one to sue argument against Open Source?

In this weeks CTO-Brief we talk about how to counter the "No One to Sue Argument" against Open Source and Linux.  While less common every year the conversation keeps coming up.  Check it out and let us know how you defend against it.