HP says yes to Mr. Shuttleworth....

HP Announced that they have certified the 12.04 release of Ubuntu for use with their hardware.  While there was never a time when it wouldn't have run this means that support calls will get answered.  This certification shows both HP commitment to Linux and the Ubuntu specificly.  We love seeing HP support linux and really starting to focus on it.

Episode 67 - Bring out your dead Linux Desktops...

Running Time: 00:48:52

1) Introduction

Joe explains how awesome Puppet and automated builds
MS makes a stupid contest, looses, refuses to make good on the loss, then decides it should pay up

2) News

Why Linux on the Desktop is Dead...Oh yeah and the rest of the story...
HP Doubles down on a Linux Future...
Are you using insecure open source components
Sharing patents encourages innovation

3) Conclusion

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HP Doubles down on Linux...

HP has been seeing an interesting trend in business.  Both Windows and Linux are more and more becoming key parts in critical infrastructure.(Yeah we know DUHHHH)  They want to act on this and have choosen to put some money into Linux.  Their first big thing is joining up with Red Hat to work on kernel issues with their hardware.  We are sure there is more to come and welcome HP to the Linux fold.  Check out the full article over at theinquirer.net.