Episode 61 - 2012 begins will this be the end of the world?

Running Time: 54:40
1) Introduction
It’s a new Year are we all ready?
2) News
3) Conclusion
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Is Linux a fragmented operating system...

ITWorld.com has a great article that discusses how different development is in today's world as compared to say 10 years ago.  They focus on the fact that Linux is at the core of so many devices these days how can you know what hardware platform your app will need to run on?  The article asks lots of interesting quesitons and has some ideas of where we are going.  Where do you think we are headed?  Is having so many different ways to use linux, i.e. Phones, Laptops, tablets, making it harder or easier to program?

Are you looking for a new development language?

Here are ten new ones to look at over on inforworld.com.  While new languages come out all the time there are only two on this list that anyone here at linuxinstall.net had even heard of.  Before you decide to build your next startup on one of these make sure you know what you are getting yourself into.  The road to today's modern languages is paved with the dead languages that came before them.